Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football Season Is Here!!

The Barton family loves football season. Not only to watch games on t.v. but also the boys play tackle football and they are doing awesome. I am going to brag about them in this post cause I am so proud at how hard they play!! They have won every single game and have held the teams to either one touch down or they have not been able to score. There team has scored at least 3-5 touchdowns per game. Colby plays offense and defence, on offense he plays quarter back. He can run the ball for a touchdown, he can throw and do hand offs. It is so fun to watch him play and he really leads the team. On defence he play linebacker and has only let maybe one or two players get by him, he goes after them and tackles hard. Owen plays mainly defence and offense some times. He plays defensive end on the line. It's so crazy to watch him on the line because he is always the smallest guy out there and he breaks through to the quarter back every time!! Owen has had so many sacks it's hard to count, he has also made the other teams fumble often and recovered it. One game he just kept breaking through so the other team put two of there biggest players on him and it still didn't stop him! Owen has a passion for football that I have never seen before he plays with his whole heart and is very tough! I am just really proud of them they work so hard to become the best player they can be! Miss Ellie and little McCoy come to every game with me and are so good to be dragged to every game, even the 8:30am games. Here are some pictures of the last month, some are football and some are just of the family.

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