Saturday, September 24, 2011

After the Game, Breakfast
The Family
Daddy and McCoy
Kenny, Joe, Owen and Colby. Kenny and Joe are amazing players, they tackle so hard and can run while breaking every tackle for a touch down.

Owen and Colby
Owen is number 4
Ellie watching the game
Owen is the second player in starting from the left, bending low with long black sleeves, you can't see his number and Colby is in the back field with his hands on his knees and black long sleeves.
BYU tailgating
Kenny's best friends came and watched the boys play, it made the boys day!
Kenny, Steve, Curtis, Owen and Colby
Colby is number 12
Colby and Owen waiting for the game to start
McCoy giving his little sweet smile
McCoy already loving football
Trying to kiss his mommy
Ellie before school
Our sweet McCoy

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