Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Has Been Crazy!!

June has been very busy for us. Kenny has been to Lake Powell 2 times just this month. One week for a guys trip and another week for Young Men's. He had a great time and is a little crazy with the cliff jumping and wake boarding!! Then in between the two weeks he was gone Ellie, my mom and I took a little trip to California to see my cousin Patrick graduate. Ellie was crazy as usual, the plane ride I did not ENJOY! You can not control that girl she is everywhere and is not afraid of anything or anyone. Colby and Owen went camping with Kenny and had a blast and they have just been playing in the water as much as they can. Ellie loves to swim and screams when you take her out, she will go down any slide and jump off anything you let her, she loves to stick her head under water so we have to watch her constantly!!!! Kenny and I can not get enough of her and her chubs but she sure is a handful and will be even more of one when she is a teenager!Colby at his dance festivalColby did very well dancing even with the girls

Owen and Ellie watching a movie, the one time Ellie is sitting still
Owen, Colby and Emily swimming in the back yard
Kenny jumping off a 50ft cliff-Crazy! In Lake Powell
Ellie in the Hotel room in California
Patrick and Ellie-We are so proud of him, he is such a great kid. Plus he is going to BYU so we will see him a lot more!(California)
Ellie playing with the ants at Patrick graduation party. She was the life of the party, she would go to anyone and had to make sure she was center of attention at all times.(California)
Uncle Dean and Ellie. Ellie is eating a whole bag of smarties while the drool is dripping in his hair, Dean didn't even care and Ellie was in heaven(California)

Ellie's Great Grandpa Bauer, she loves to drink out of everyone's cup especially if it's soda.(California)
We would stay up so late in California and Ellie would just fall asleep anywhere, which never happens I guess only when she party's hard! She slept really good while we were there.
Ellie and the plane my worst nightmare!
These swim picture are of today. Ellie loves water, I couldn't find her bottom to her swim suit and her bum is so big so half of it is hanging out of the swim diaper. It is so cute cause she really does have a big bum, it's the biggest in the family so far!
She is always trying to drink the water.