Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stonehaven Dental and BYU is Awesome!!!

I have not posted for awhile and I am sure I have had things to post about, but no motivation to do it. I thought we finally needed an update or no one is ever going to look at our blog!! This week I was lucky to go get some dental work done. You probably thinking I am crazy, who is lucky when it comes to the dentist. I feel the same way until this week. I had to get a implant because I had to have a baby tooth pulled about 5 years ago and never had a tooth grow in it's place. I have always felt kind of white trash because of having a tooth missing. It was time to get brave and get it done, I was so scared too the reason why is, they put a screw in your jaw bone and then after it heals the can put a crown on top! ouch!! Stonehaven dental made the experience so great that I feel good about going to the dentist now. They put me out so I do not remember one thing about the whole day. I guess I was talking to everyone and I don't even remember, of course I am sore and it hurts but they took such great care of me. The people that work there are so nice and make you feel very comfortable and at ease. So thank you very much!! Kenny thought it was so funny I was so out of it he took some pictures of me on the way home, they are really ugly but I was so drugged up I don't care! Today we went to the BYU game and they are doing so awesome!! I love to watch college football and have always been a fan of BYU even when they were terrible. I have great memories when I was a little girl and my parents would have parties and hang a big sheet up to watch the game with a projector and when I got older my friend Sommer and her family would take me to the games(they had the best season ticket seats!!) I had such a great time with her we would make up songs to the score's when they would kill the team they were playing.
We took all the kids and before the game tailgated with Curtis and Carrie(Carrie's dad is the one who did my dental work). Carrie made the best food and it was great to hang out!! It rained a little when we got there so I brought coats and everything for the rain. But during the game it was sunny the whole time and very hot!! All grandma's that read this don't get mad cause I just didn't think of it, but I thought Ellie was not even in the sun, and tonight when giving her a bath I noticed she got a little sun on her head. Let's just say it is really white where her bow was at!! I feel terrible and I am usually on top of the sunscreen, it's not to bad, and did I mention how awesome BYU is doing go COUGARS!!!