Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mack's Inn Resort 2008

One of our favorite pass times to do as a family is to go to my dad's place Mack's Inn. It's the best and it's all made possible by my parents. For my mom for letting us sleep in her bedroom and useing her bathroom, she really does not let anyone in there but us, watching Ellie when we want to spend time with the boys and using her and my dad's cabin. Also for my dad for following his dream of making Mack's Inn a special place for families. For letting us play the whole time instead of helping you work(which we do feel guilty about). We love it, being there with you and miss you when you are not home! Also for letting us take his 4-wheelers out every day without question. All the hard work you have put into that resort to make it what it is today!! We hope all your dreams you have for Mack's come true!!
This is down at the Resort it's right on Snake river.
Colby throwing rocks.
Kenny,Colby and Owen after a long 4-wheeler ride with Curtis.
Did you forget something Owen?

Mack's Inn 2008

The one thing that we really love to do and Owen can never stop talking about it, is riding on the 4 wheelers. There is so many trails that you probably could ride every day in the summer and still not go on every trail. My parents watched Ellie so we could go on a really long ride, Thank you for watching her we had a blast. Owen and I rode on one and were trying to find bears but didn't see any- I swear everyone always sees bears up there but never us. We saw a moose on the river with Curtis and Carrie, seriously we really did see a moose and I really thought Carrie was going to miss it! But that's a whole other story if you want it look at there blog, let's just say Kenny sometimes thinks I don't need to dye my hair to be a Blondie!!!Colby, Owen and Me after the ride covered in Dirt!
Owen's crazy hair from his helmet, he really was mad that we took a picture of it. To wrap up the weekend we have a family reunion for the 24Th. We go to the parade in St. Anthony and they throw so much candy!! It's also a time were Colby and Owen can spend time with there cousins that are the same age and they love it!! It's a sad day when we have to say good bye to them.Me, Mike and Ashlee, Season and her little girl Brooklyn
Pa and Baby Elizabeth
"The Boyz"- Riggin, Wylie, and Colby.(Owen is off and sitting in his chair waiting for the candy to come to him)
It was a great time, but I can not end this post without a Kenny story. We all know he has many adventures on all his trips to Idaho-Fishing tickets-Police rides-I am sure there is many more I don't know about yet!! So on Saturday night during my family reunion Kenny had a bunch of illegal fireworks that he purchased in MT. Of course we also all know how he likes to blow stuff up, he decided to let some off at the Dinner Theater parking lot across from the cabin. Everyone told him it probably wasn't a good idea but that doesn't stop him!! He lit one off and I have to admit it was really pretty just like the ones they do at firework shows. No police came so he got brave and lit a few more off, then a car drove up so Kenny walked away they stoped and opened there door to see the fireworks on the ground then drove off. Kenny went back and didn't think anything of it, he lit some more. Then a couple minutes latter a Nation Forrest police guy drove up in his truck. I was so freaked out and thought not again!! I couldn't take it so I went into the cabin, everyone else stayed to watch him get arrested-- after a minute I went back outside and the truck and Kenny were gone. My heart dropped, my cousin Season said Tara they just took him away!! Now my heart really dropped and I about fell to the ground thinking why does he do this!?!? Then everyone started to laugh and I saw Kenny coming from behind the building he just went to throw the fireworks away. The guy just told Kenny that he had some complaints and to stop before the sheriff got called!! Complaints? It was 9:00 and it was a great show, an illegal show but great!! Kenny got away this time but Idaho is always waiting for him to come back to see what they can do to him next! I think Kenny also likes to see what he can get away with.

Mack's Inn Dinner Theater

At Macks there is a Dinner Theater and the boys love it!! You go and eat prime rib and then watch a play. This year the boys are attached to the theater kids, and they are so nice to Colby and Owen. After the plays they come over and play with the kids. If you ever go to Macks I recommend going to the Dinner Theater.Owen as a show girl
Owen as a drunken tub guy!?!
Colby as the heroThis table is for just for show, but the boys made it there own box seats! We had a great time at Mack's Inn. It's the best place to go and spend time with the family. Thanks to my parents for letting us stay at the cabin, the boy's really miss pa when he is away up in Idaho.

Baby Elizabeth 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flathead Lake MT, For the 4th of July

This is 2 very long posts, because of all the pictures! I still can not figure out how to do a stupid slide show, I know it's very dumb. So instead you get to read two posts, some pictures are just so beautiful of Montana so it's worth it!! We went to Flathead Lake in Montana to stay with Kenny's grandparents. If you don't know where it is, all I know is that it's a very long 10 hour drive with 3 kids, but very much worth the long drive. Also it's by Kalispell if you know where that is. Kenny's grandpa is a builder and very,very good one. Right now, hopefully he is building there last house.(we will see about that) It's grandma's dream home and it's right on the lake, like there old one was. We had the most wonderful time. It is so pretty there, we are already wanting to turn around and go back.This is a picture of there house they are building, its a Mediterranean style house. In the left hand corner is a huge deck right by the lake. Kenny's cousin Nate built it and yes Kenny did get to help with it. The only time Kenny builds anything is when we are in Montana.
Here are the kids playing, it's really cool cause the docks are built all around the shore so the kids have a shallow end to play in.
Owen and his Cousin Stella. We did get the boys to ride on the tube behind the boat. I took Colby and Kenny took Owen. I think Owen liked it a lot better. It took a lot of convincing to get those kids on that tube.
I had to put this picture in cause it is the only picture I had that almost showed Kenny's camp fire to the left of the picture. I really have to tell this story and for all of you that know Kenny will really enjoy it!! Colby wanted a camp fire so bad, so Kenny got a pit all built and it was really nice. He got all the wood and kinling to start it. Does anyone ever watch Survivor Man with Les Stroud(Totally Real) or Bear Grylls Man vs Wild (totally fake),well try to guess who Kenny is. Anyway he had all these matches to light the fire and could never get it started WITH matches, it was really funny. He was getting so mad, then he got a long stick with leaves on the end and took it up to the gas grill(that's right he went to go light it with the gas grill!!!) got the fire to start on the end of the stick but every time he got to the fire it went out.One time he got it lit and I told him to start blowing on it, he didn't at first and it started to go out so he started to blow, it was to little to late. After a couple of minutes of blowing it went out again! I was laughing so hard, first he couldn't get it started with matches, which Les would have started it with his bare hands and a twig, and then couldn't get down to the fire pit with actual fire he got from the gas grill, which Bear Grylls would of had the gas grill off camera so everyone would have thought he had started it with his bare hands and a twig!!! Needless to say he finally got it lit using the gas grill fire. The rest of the day we were making up are own monologues pretending to be Bear Grylls, which sad to say we clearly are, we are really going to work on are survivor skills. Next time will be different. It was a great day and I almost worked of all the weight I gained in that trip by laughing so hard!!
The boys throwing rocks into the lake they could have done that all day.

2nd Posting of Flathead Lake, MT 2008

More pictures from are 4 of July week in Montana.Here is Grandpa and Grandma Schaffer with just some of there great grand kids.
Grandma and baby Ellie enjoying lunch!
This is my favorite picture!! The kids were down stairs getting ready to go to the lake and Owen is yelling for me to come and fasten his life vest. When I got down stairs he only had his life vest on and no swimsuit, I asked if he forgot something and just looked at me like What did I forget?!?!
Kenny and Ellie on the deck overlooking the Lake
Colby and Owen filling up there water guns.
I just want to say thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Schaffer for letting us stay at your home for a whole week!! It was a great 4 of July one that the kids will always remember!! Thank you to Grandma Schaffer for all the wonderful food you made for us and the hard work that was put into it, I just like to say I gained about 5 pounds in one week from all the food. If you are trying to loose weight stay away from Grandma Schaffer and her excellent cooking!!! Thank you Grandpa Schaffer for playing with the boys and taking them on the boat and getting all the water toys ready, I know it was a lot of work and we really appreciated it!! We love you guys!