Monday, November 29, 2010

Disneywold, Halloween,Dance

Ellie had her first dance recital, it was so cute!

Finding Nemo restaurant in Epcot
Ellie thought she was so cool with her princess glasses
Ellie was the smallest kid on the ride, she loved the rapids, but got soaked every time we went. There was no line so we went twice in a row.

Blizzard Beach was one of our favorites!!! We went on almost every ride, its very kid friendly with how tall you have to be. Ellie got to go almost on everything.

Ellie loved the princess breakfast. She had her picture taken with all the princesses, the only thing is she would never look at the camera.

First night at Disneyworld
Splash Mountain, one of the boys favorite rides we went on it at least 10 times or more!
The boys would act like they didn't want to see all the characters but I know they secretly loved it!
Getting on the train to go to Disneyworld!
On the bus going to are resort

At the airport in Florida, Colby got sick that morning so he got to ride in the stroller. Ellie didn't care cause she just wanted to pull her princess luggage.