Monday, March 24, 2008


The Easter bunny didn't miss the Barton house. Next year we need to tell the Bunny not to bring so MUCH CANDY!!!! I tell the boy's that they only can have a couple of pieces a day, but what does mommy do? She eats it all and then wonders why in the heck I am not losing the baby weight? Also the boys start to get upset because there candy is disappearing at a very fast rate so I just tell them that daddy is eating it all. Maybe by saying that I can trick my body into thinking that he really did eat it and not me, so he gains that weight and I don't! Let's face it guys can work the weight off way faster than us women.
This year Kenny got me a great Easter present. He got me, my first Easter dress since we have been married. For the last 6 years I tell him every Easter that I want to get a dress but never do. Kenny picked it out and everything maybe I should hire him as my stylist? Sometimes I think he is better at clothes shopping than I am.
After we chowed done a bunch of candy we went to Kenny's parents house for dinner, my family came also. We ate more food and if that wasn't enough Grandma Zonda made sugar cookies and the kids frosted them. Before that everyone went down to the park a play. Poor Owen couldn't really slide down the slides cause he got a shot just like Colby did for strep throat on Wednesday. He has been a lot more sore than Colby was. Owen has been dragging his leg around and not sitting on his bum because it hurts so bad, I feel terrible for him. It must of hit the bone or something he has just been in so much more pain from the shot and not from strep.
Here is the boy's frosting the cookies. Owen frosted his a couple of times because he kept licking the frosting off the cookie. He also took a bite out of each cookie he frosted 3 times. That's a good thing, I love my boy's but I don't want to eat a cookie that's been licked a hundred times! Hope everyone had a good Easter I sure know we did.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ellie's Blessing Day

We blessed Ellie this month and it was great. When we got to church we noticed Elder L. Tom Perry was there, so Kenny asked him to stand in the circle for the blessing. It was such an amazing and spiritual experience. It was really nice of him to be willing to bless her, and it will be cool to tell her when she gets older and can understand what a special day it was. Kenny gave her a very sweet and wonderful blessing. Ellie has been such a wonderful addition to our family. My mom took pictures of us and our families after the blessing, so I finally have one picture of me with Ellie that is not in the hospital. In some she is crying she was just so tired and wanted to take a nap but we kept taking more pictures. I told her we were just preparing her for when she gets married, which will not be until she is 25. The blessing dress Ellie is wearing is the same one I wore when I was blessed, my grandma Bauer got it for me, it is a very special dress and I can pass it down to her.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy Family Life

This Sunday I (Kenny) went to church by myself without the kids and wife because they were all sick. Well I came home after Sacrament Meeting and Colby's Tonsils were large and had white patches on them. I told Tara that I needed to take him to the after hours doctors, but Colby wasn't having it. "I don't want to get a shot Daddy!" Said Colby. I assured him, even promised that there would be no shots or pain, they just needed to check his throat and give him medicine. He was still concerned...

Things were going fine, until 4 minutes after the Swab of the Tonsils, the nurse came in and said that he was "Very Positive", and the best way to treat it is with a Penicillin Shot in the bum. "Great!" I thought, Colby is never going to trust me again. So I sat him down to explain, and break the news... Well... He didn't take it like the man I had hoped he would be... he is only 4. He was devastated. We walked back to the room, a dad ashamed that he betrayed his sons trust, and a poor boy who was led, like a lamb by a Shearer to the Slaughter, except I was the shearer. I felt terrible.

Well it got funny, the nurse explained that he needed it in the bum, and so I laid him on the table and began pulling his pants down... and he FREAKED OUT! "No daddy not in the bum! do it in my arm, do it in my arm!" He was embarrassed to be showing his bum to a Woman Nurse. I couldn't stop laughing while he screamed, "Do it over my pants!!!! Noooo!"

Well he got it, and he felt violated: Violated by the nurse, and by his father who gave a solemn vow that he would not get a shot. Boy was I feeling like a crappy Father. We had a pretty good heart to heart, and I told him how sorry that I was, and that I was wrong for telling him he wasn't going to get a shot. The cutest thing happened, he looked at me holding back the sobs and said in a choked up 4 year old voice "I was wrong too dad." My heart melted and for a minute my little boy grew up a little in manhood. It was a proud day.