Monday, October 8, 2012

The last time I updated the blog we just had McCoy and it was football season.  Now we just had Savanna, McCoy turned 1 and it's Football season again for the boys.  Also Ellie got to show her stuff playing soccer, and she is a great player!!

McCoy turned 1!!
McCoy watching a lot of Baseball
He loves Football as much as his brothers

He Loves his Daddy!

Savanna Kaye Barton was born on August 2nd 2012.  She was my smallest baby at 6 lbs 11oz and had so much black hair!!  She still has all her hair, I almost could put a pony-tail in the back.  Savanna is getting very chunky cheeks that we all love to kiss.  She has completed our family and we are so happy to have her!!!

I could not believe all her hair and how tiny she was.
Savanna not sure what she got her self into!
McCoy sharing his toys
She looks just like Kenny

 The boys started Football again.  This year they are on different teams, so are life is crazy.  They each have 3 practices a week and a game on Saturday.  Kenny and I switch off on which game we go to and we both record the games.  That way we can come home and watch the other boys game that we did not see.  They love football!!

Owen loves running the ball, he runs through almost every kid.
I haven't got Colby's pictures on our computer yet, and a friend took this and sent it to us. 
The boys after their games!

Ellie this year wanted to play soccer and she did great.  She scored 7 goals one game, of course they don't keep score but Ellie does.  She is worked very hard and had a great season.
Ellie giving her mad dog face!
Ellie going after the ball