Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wrestling- Halloween and Surgery

We have had a busy last two months. Here are some pictures to get you updated. First Halloween, and then wrestling ended(the boys were sad about that!) and then we had a double tonsillectomy and adenoids surgery. But we did not get a two for one deal, we had to pay double, you try not to breath so they don't charge you for extra oxygen!!!

Ellie as a butterfly

The boys in the front row in there wrestling stance. They did so good and loved it. It's a hard sport they run so much for just warm up and do a ton of drills while running. It was really good for them, Owen is still a little young a got bored sometimes, but Colby loved it and could take anybody down any size!!
Ellie again!
The boys were ninjas for Halloween
Ellie doing the dishes while the boys had surgery!
These pictures are in the wrong order and I can not fix it! The bottom picture is before surgery and the top picture is after surgery. So far they have done really well, I guess there tonsils and adenoids were really bad!! The doctor could not believe how Colby was even breathing. I am glad it is over but it's the healing part that can be hard and they can only eat soft foods for a week and it's already gotten old eating the same thing and we are only in the second day. I hear the 3rd and 4Th day is the worst so I am prepared for a painful next couple of days!! I am proud of them they were very brave at the hospital, didn't cry once. Only Owen freaked out and screamed after he was waking up from the surgery he was pretty scared, hurting and out of it. They gave him medicine and calmed him down. Colby when he woke up was ready to get out of there. He kept standing up and saying get this thing(IV) out of my arm I want to go home. The nurses thought he was crazy cause he had no side effects and acted like it was any other day.
Owen loves his daddy look at the way he is looking at him!

Ellie in her Sunday best (Kenny dressed her)

more pictures

Elizabeth and daddy watching Little RascalsOwen wrestling
Colby wrestling
Colby before Surgery
Colby after surgery
Owen before surgery
Owen after surgery