Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swimming, Baseball, Father and Sons

Well in between Montana and going back up to Idaho for the 24Th of July we have been having fun hanging at the pool. Going to Colby's baseball games and the boys going to father and sons camp out and not to forget having BBQs almost every night. Colby at the Dastrup's pool, thank you so much for letting us come and play!!

Kenny, Ellie, Curtis and Ocean

Ellie after she jumped in
Ellie before she jumped in

Colby hitting a home run!

Ellie and Owen
Colby and his buddy
Owen and Ellie going for a walk
Colby hitting he is a very good hitter and even better at hitting a fast pitch ball.
Another pool day
Colby and Owen in the Lazy River
Ellie and I getting ready to go swimming

Colby and Owen eating at there Camp Out
Playing before dinner

Friday, July 10, 2009

Idaho and Flathead Lake Montana

We went to Idaho to my dad's cabin for a couple days and then went over to Flathead lake for the 4Th of July. In Idaho we did the kids favorite thing when we go to pa's cabin and that's riding the four wheelers! They love it! We also went down the snake river on a little float trip, my mom has all the pictures of the river trip. Ellie swam with Kenny almost the whole way down she did not want to ride in the boat she wanted to swim. And if you have ever been in the snake river you know how cold it is, it stays about the same temperature year around.

Ellie feel asleep during the ride!

Ellie with her helmet



Then after Idaho we went to Montana to Grandpa and Grandma Schaffers house on Flathead Lake for the Fourth of July. Like always Grandpa had the best fire works and a bunch of boats were parked on the lake in front of his dock to watch the show. It's amazing cause you can see all around the lake and all the big fireworks everyone is doing! It was great cause grandpa let each kid light 3 fire works, they thought it was so fun and were a little nervous at the same time. The kids were in the water and dirt everyday and loved it. Of course we also ate a ton of great food and all gained a few pounds from all the cooking!
Owen, Sage, and Colby

All the kids around the camp fire

Watching the fireworks Kenny and Kandace liked them just as much as the kids.