Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthdays-Birthdays and more BIRTHDAYS!!!!

The last two months are so busy for us, because all of our birthdays are in April and May!! Kenny is April 9, I am April 28, Owen is May 1 and Colby is May 6. The boys had more parties and I am so DONE!! I am so over cake too, we had cake on their actual birthday then a family party and then a friend party. Down below is the cakes I made for there friend party. They love the movie cars and this is the cake they wanted. It took me a little over 6 Hours to decorate these cakes. Every year I make them a cake and think this year will be easier I know how to do it--Wrong, It's just as hard and takes just as long. Even though I am a perfectionist and always complain to Kenny that I messed up here and there on the cake, and ask my self WHY-WHY did I do this again??? I love doing it and probably won't stop doing it. Plus the kids think it's pretty cool. So once again I am glad the birthday season is over!!Here are the cute little kids that went to the boys party. Notice they are all girls. One little cute boy named Laker came but did not get into the picture. We don't have any boys there age in the neighborhood they are all girls. Which I know Colby and Owen love cause they are just like there daddy and love to be surrounded by cute girls.
One more picture of the kids making a funny face. Notice Owen in both pictures is looking at his big brother to make sure he is doing exactly the same thing he is. We had there party at a really fun place called Backyard Adventures. They have about 10 playground hooked together indoors and a big jumping thing(I don't know what they are called) in the shape of a dinosaur with a slide coming out of it. We got the place all to ourselves for 2 hours. They had a Blast!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Baby Ellie

Ellie's First Post

So I am finally doing a post just on Ellie since I have not done one. I feel like a total slacker by not having very many pictures of her on the blog. We just love her to death, she is a very good baby. Ellie eats well and sleeps all through the night since about 2 months old. I have to wake her up in the morning to feed her before going to the gym or she would sleep until 7:00. She loves to suck on her hands and we can never get them out of her mouth. Ellie will be 4 months old on the 15th. Last night before Kenny and I went to go watch a movie he went in to check on her and she had rolled over on to her back and was just playing.(She sleeps on her stomach none of my kids would sleep on there backs) I couldn't believe it, and tonight I went to go wake her up from her nap cause she was sleeping forever. Well she was awake sucking on her hand and totally moving around I could tell she wanted to roll over so I took off her blankets and just watched her little body push so hard to get over. She rolled over on the second try, I was just so amazed!!!! My little girl is already growing up so fast. She is so strong I think she will be crawling before we know it, she already has the motion down.

Ellie sucking on her hand. Kenny will be so proud she is wearing a headband. I never put one on her so people think she is a boy and Kenny is always telling me I need to get more headbands!!! He always makes sure she has something on her head--I wonder who's going to be doing the braids, curls and ponytails when she gets bigger??

When can always get good smiles and giggles out of Ellie. This is her and my mom, Grandma Sue.

I love this picture, because I love to kiss her little chubby checks. And plus Owen is making one of his many faces. Sometimes it's just so hard to look at the camera and smile, but I love it.