Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beauty Treatment Tag

So I have been tagged by Brittney to tell all my secrets about beauty treatment. The secret is I need help in this area more than you know!! For the makeup I do wear I just need to give a thanks to Ashlee Stone(my so called cousin in a wierd sort of way). A little over a year ago we went to stay with them and she showed me all about makeup. I really loved it and can sort of do my eye makeup now. I am getting better at it!! So Thank you Ashlee in showing me how to do the makeup thing and I know Kenny thanks you too, he really loved the way I looked that night!!

MY FOUNDATION: Nothing at all never have worn it and probably never will.

MY BLUSH: My blush is from Mac which is about the same with all my makeup. It goes on very smooth and I love the light feeling even if you have a lot on.

MY DAY CREAM: I use Clinique, there face lotion. I Love it and it's not oily.

MY LIPSTICK: Tough one cause I hardly ever where it, I do like lip gloss but never buy it.

MY ESSENTIAL BEAUTY PRODUCT: No matter what I where mascara always have always will it brings my eyes out more, and I feel like I have droopy eyes so I need something to lift them up. Also blush since I don't wear any foundation.

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT: Anything from Mac makeup or Clinique.

MY PERFUME: Kenny bought me Clinique Happy when we were dating and I still always have a bottle, I really like the smell and it reminds me of the days when we were dating and I was skinny as a twig!! I also like any body spray from Victoria Secret.

MY NAILS: I love dark finger nail polish, I have no clue why but I like black, dark brown or very dark purple that almost looks black-strange I know.

MY FEET: My feet and I have a love hate relationship, when I treat them well and put lotion on them they look great, but most of the time they are cracked and terrible looking I need help!! Anyone that has a suggestion let me know I could use it! Love to have my toenails painted more than my Finger nails.

MY HANDS: I really like Lubriderm lotion my hands are never dry when I use it.

THREE PRODUCTS TO TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND: Mascara, Sunscreen(since I would probable get skin cancer with all my moles on me)And lotion.

WOMEN I ADMIRE FOR THERE BEAUTY: Kate Hudson, Any Victoria Secret model

WOMEN WITH THE BEST SENSE OF STYLE: My mom she knows how to accessorize, Gweneth Paltroe (speling might be wrong) I think she always looks amazing!

MY ULTIMATE DREAM: To fit into my skinny jeans which I have a ton of just sitting in my closet, I am so sick of wearing the same jeans over and over!!!!! And to someday figure out how to do a smokey eye that color really pops out, my eyeshadow never goes on very good and the color looks dull maybe I am using the wrong brush?

I TAG: Nicole M., Michele N., Ashlee S., Ashley S., Melyna and Jeanine-These girls always have great pictures and perfect makeup whats the SECRET!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Early Morning Golfing

Today, Colby and I woke up at 5am and went up to Midway with some friends to go golfing. I told Colby I would take him last week, but not to tell Owen, because I wasn't going to take him. So every time he brought it up this week, whether Owen was around or not, he would whisper, "Daddy, are we going golfing today?" I kept telling him that I was going to be waking him up really early to go, and he needed to get some good sleep. I don't think he understood how early 5am was. He does now.
The golf course that we went to has an incredible setting, especially when the sun is just coming up over the mountains. THis is the 4th time I have done this, and it is priceless, but cold. It was supposed to be 98 degrees today, so I didn't bring any warm clothes for him, or I. Big mistake, after the 1st hole, we were driving in the cart, and Colby looked at me and said, "I want to go home daddy". I told him that it would warm up, and I gave him a drink of my Diet Rockstar to get his blood flowing. He is wearing a Pink Shirt that I keep in my bag just in case I don't have a collared shirt when I go golfing.He had a great time and kept asking how many holes we had left, I thought it was because he wanted to go home, but on the last hole he asked me again, and I told him that it was the last hole, and he was pretty upset. He loved it. I let him drive the cart when I wasn't in it, Morty got quite a kick out of Colby driving like a 5 year old around the Fairway. What the heck, he drives his Power Wheels good, no different right? The Marshall didn't think so. A 5 year old, jacked up on Rockstar driving, a golf cart, it was funny!
It was a great time, and he is a pretty good golfer for a 5 year old, he probably won't be the next Tiger, but I figure we can play golf for the next 60 to 70 years, and always have something fun to do together.

He was even playing with us from the Tips (the back tees)

Orem Summer Fest 2008

Anyone who has ever lived in Orem knows about the summer fest they have every year. It's one of the highlights of summer for the kids. They love to go to the park and go on the rides eat a ton of cotton candy and good food. Then on Saturday night they have a parade. This first picture is Owen waving for candy, they didn't throw as much as they used too. This picture is of the kids watching the parade, I think some parts got a little boring to them and it was very hot!!
Ellie with her big Kentucky Derby hat on. Her Uncle Kooper was holding her and making her laugh so hard, this is just one of many great pictures we got of our little girl.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Olympic Park and Thomas the Tank Engine

This past month my cousin got married and had his reception at the Olympic Park in Park City. It was really cool to see the bob sled track and the ski jumps. We also got a family picture taken in front of the pool where they practice jumping off those huge jumps. Of course we forgot to take Ellie's bib off, she drools like crazy. She got her two bottom teeth in so I thought the drooling would stop but it didn't. I will need to post a picture of her little teeth.
Also this past month my mom took the boys to see Thomas the Tank Engine. It rained on them but they loved it so much. Thanks to grandma for taking them!!
I really liked this picture of them riding on the train. Both of the boys have so many different smiles.